Hundreds of Designs Available

We have hundreds and hundreds of designs available to use on your quilts!  While many longarmers have a limited number of designs to choose from, Courthouse Quilting allows you to choose ANY COMPUTERIZED QUILTING DESIGNS on these websites with NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES!  Courthouse Quilting bears the cost of the computerized designs, making our longarm quilting service more affordable for our customers.  

CLICK ON THE 3 LINKS BELOW TO SEE YOUR COUNTLESS OPTIONS!  Don't forget to note the company name and name of the design(s) you would like on your quilt.  


Computerized Edge-to-Edge Quilting

  • Cost:  $0.02 per square inch
  • Edge-to-Edge Quilting  (aka "pantographs") includes patterns that are repeated across the entire quilt from edge to edge, top to bottom, regardless of blocks, seams or piecing.  This level of quilting adds a beautiful texture to your quilt while allowing the focus to remain on your quilt pattern and piecing.  
  • This is a popular and economical choice and offers the fastest turnaround time.  

Semi-Custom Quilting

  • Cost:  $0.03 - $0.04 per square inch (depending upon whether the design is hand-guided or computerized, how many different designs are requested and the number of thread color changes) 
  • Semi-Custom Quilting includes more than one design and may be hand guided, computerized, or both.  Often an Edge-to-Edge design is used over the main quilt body with a different design used in the borders.

Full Custom Quilting

  • Cost:  $0.05 per square inch
  • Full Custom Designs emphasize your quilt top's best features and may include hand guided designs, rulerwork, densely quilted background fillers, microquilting and "stitching in the ditch" for blocks, borders and appliques.  
  • This is the most time consuming level of quilting and there may be a wait list.  If time is a factor, please make this known at the time of your consultation so that we can ensure your quilt arrives back to you within your timeframe.

Designs Available

  • Computerized designs include Feathers, Swirls, Flowers, Geometric/Modern, Leaves, Paisley, Novelty, Baby, Seasonal, and Misc.
  • Click on the 3 blue links above to see your design options.
  • If you are overwhelmed with options, we can make recommendations for you.
  • In the rare event that you don't see a design you are looking for, let us know what you have in mind and most likely we can get it for you!


  • Do you hate sewing on binding?  We can do it for you so you can get back to the parts of quilting that you enjoy!
  • Cost of One Side Attached Binding = Machine stitched to the front size only:  $0.05 per linear inch
  • Cost of Fully Finished Binding:  Machine stitched to front and hand stitched to the back:  $0.15 per linear inch

Quilt Labels

  • Cost:  $7.00 - $10.00 per label (depending upon the size, number of words and designs requested)
  • Custom printed labels are an option that can personalize the quilt, memorialize a gift, date, special occasion, or contain a loving message to the recipient of the quilt.