About Us

Longarm Quilting Is My Passion

My name is Roxanne Hummel, and I have been quilting for over 15 years. Although I am trained as an attorney, my true passion is longarm quilting! When my husband and I decided to have children, as many of you can guess, our lives changed dramatically.  At that time I stepped away from the long hours in a law firm so I could spend time with our baby girl.  During that time I started longarm quilting and fell in love with it. Several years later when our second daughter was headed to daycare, it was time for me to return to work full time.  Long story short, I taught my husband, Mike, to quilt and convinced him that longarm quilting is way more fun than practicing law. What is better than two  lawyers practicing law less in order to quilt more?!!!!  That's when we decided to form Courthouse Quilting to provide longarm quilting services.  

Services Worldwide

Whether you are across town in Cincinnati, Ohio, or across the nation, or even across the ocean, we will work with you to pick out the perfect design to help accent the best features of your quilt.  

All Quilts Are Unique Works of Art

Our belief is that every quilt is a unique work of art.  The time, dedication, patience, and skill that it takes to finish a quilt top is no small feat! Whether you just pieced your first quilt or you are a seasoned quilter, we can help you finish your quilt tops so that you or someone special can enjoy the fruits of your labor, and so you can get started making your next one!