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Short on Time? Huge Quilt? Use Our Longarm Quilting Service!

Longarm Quilting

 Our longarm quilting service receives many quilt tops by mail so that we may provide customers everywhere with affordable, reliable, high quality longarm quilting.  We utilize hand-guided and computerized quilting to accent the best features in your quilt top.  Options include pantographs, edge-to-edge, microstippling, ruler work, and custom quilting designs.  We have ideas for every budget to make your quilt look great!   

Our Designs tab provides links to countess computerized design options!  If you don't see what you are looking for, let us know and we will find it for you.  If varied, organic designs are more your style, we can hand-guide nearly anything.  And, if you have no idea what design to choose, we can make recommendations for you.  

Studio Hours and Mailing Instructions

Drop us an email, give us a call,  or schedule an in-person consultation to discuss your longarm quilting design now!  Studio hours are by appointment only.  To better serve you, we also provide consultations by phone and email.  


Phone: (513) 491-3190.

Please contact us for drop off or mailing instructions for our longarm quilting service, which is  located a few minutes outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.  This is to ensure the safe arrival of your quilt and protect against theft, loss, weather damage or other unlikely events.  We believe each quilt is a unique work of art, and we want to give each quilt the special attention it deserves so that every customer has a great experience.  


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Studio hours by appointment.